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Daycare Manager Pro - If you own sites related to Daycare Management, Child Education, Child Development etc, or if you just want to start your own Daycare Management Affiliate campaign, this is the perfect program for you. Find out why this is such a great seller with such a high commission rate.

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1 $1123.80 $13485.60
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50 $56,190.00 $674,280.00
100 $112,380.00 $1,348,560.00

As you can see we have set our prices and percentages so that affiliates make the most possible money through conversions, conversions, conversions. Try it and see!

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Tips For Beginners To Make Serious Money Fast !!!

John Reese, a MUST for every internet marketer.

If you are new to the world of affiliate marketing, one thing you will become well aware of is the success of top internet marketing gurus. These are the people making $1,000,000 to $900,000,000 per year through the internet. Arguably one of the most successful internet marketers is John Reese. If you ask any affiliate marketer about John, you will soon find most people have heard of him, and many base their marketing strategies on Johns teachings, including the marketing team at Daycare Manager Pro.

If you haven't already heard of John Reese click the link below to get to his blog. You will find some great marketing strategies to boost your Daycare Manager Pro campaign.

Click Here for the latest Income.com blog post from John Reese.

PPC Search Engines

Use pay per click search Engines to generate INSTANT Revenues!

A great place to start you advertising campaign is google adwords and other pay-per-click search engines. If you are new to PPC search engines or would just like a great lesson in making google ads that sell like Crazy, try reading this fabulous E-Book: GOOGLECASH.

Plus, you can use various dating tips, misspellings, and don't forget keywords such as day-care, daycare, and day care! If you don't already have it, the ultimate tool for finding hundreds of successful keywords in seconds is Wordtracker. Word tracker offers the worlds most comprehensive database for finding the most relevant, effective keywords for your marketing campaign, including competition searches and KEI Analysis against the 14 largest Search Engines, Global Directories, and Pay Per Click Engines.   
To find out more about Wordtracker simply Click Here to open a new window.

Million Dollar Tips

If you are not advertising on misspellings (typos), you are in the wrong business! Don't waste your time, if you don't have the time to add the misspellings of every keyword and combination. Simply go through and advertise on misspelled words and typos!

example: Daycar Manegement Softwear

Get the idea? Good. Now go get Wordtracker. If it makes you just $50 extra a day, it pays for itself over and over again!

More Million Dollar Tips

If you are not using at least 5 search engines to get cheap traffic you are blowing money away!!!! IT'S FREE MONEY! Don't be lazy!!!

Recommended Top 10 Pay Per Click Search Engines

So you're looking to promote Daycare Manager Pro via the various pay per click search engines?

Well first of all you should realize that google isn't everything. Yes it does produce fantastic results, return on investment is good, and there is a lot of visitors coming from there. But there is also a world of traffic outside of google, and often it is less competitive to purchase, so print out this page and take a look at these other pay per click search engines. I especially recommend that you join ALL of the big 3 below:

The Big 3:

Google Adwords - This is the biggest and best volume for traffic quality. Has a great user interface, however is also often the most expensive.

Yahoo Search Marketing - Also very good for targetted high quality traffic. Not as high a volume as google, but still enough to be considered very significant. Don't forget to sign up to Yahoo USA, Yahoo UK and Yahoo AUS individually as you need to sign up to each one separately for some strange reason. It's a bit of a nuisance doing this, but well worth it. Yahoo UK and USA in particular are absolute must haves, while Yahoo AUS is growing and has a fantastic Return on Investment per click.

MSN Adcenter - Growing all the time. Very good conversion rates. The volume of traffic is much lower than google and is about half that of yahoo, sometimes even less, but often comes cheaper with a higher return on investment. Well worth having.

Next 2 up and comers:

Looksmart - Often underrated, can produce very good return on investments.

Miva - Up and coming ppc search engine that has been known to produce good results.

Final 5 worth a go:

7search - A smaller search engine with good quality traffic. Good interface. They claim better ROI than either Google or Yahoo! because of their high quality traffic sources.

Go click - Cheap traffic, with a growing and loyal following. GoClick still lets you start an account with only $10 and bid from 1 cent.

Enhance - A strong emerging Pay Per Click search engine that has good solid quality control.

Search123 - One of the first PPC search engines. Cost effective with good support. Fund with $50 and they'll give you $20 free.

Want More Search engines? Visit The PayPerClick Guru, And Reap the Benefits of being a Member of the Daycare Manager Pro Affiliate Team!

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