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"Your management software has been an absolute godsend! You have no idea what a mess my records were in!"
-- James Peterson

"I just love this product and what it has done for my company. I have gone from having 12 little ones a day to having 3 classes of 15 every day, and its all down to the increased organization I have as a result of Day Care Manager Pro. I can't imagine life without it!"
-- Barbara Schroeder

"I couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled onto your site and saw your day care software site. While I have seen software like this before, I was interested in the features. Now I have had it a few months its just a godsend. It has made my job so much easier! Thank you so much!"
-- Larry Lindsay


Below is a community of high quality websites you may be interested in related to Day Care Management. If you know of, or own a site that you believe should be listed in our community page, please contact us via the link at the bottom of this page.


Orgamation - We deliver specialized management software for the childcare & early education industry. Provides management software to daycare centers, preschools, and family agencies.

Childcare Manager - Everything you need to run your childcare center in one easy to use program at one low price.

Smart Childcare Software - A powerful, user friendly management application designed specifically for Canadian childcare & daycare centers. Leader in Canadian Childcare management.


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